Because workers’ compensation premiums vary based on payroll, most carriers and agents write policies with premiums that are calculated from a “best guess.” Unfortunately, this often results in business owners having to pay additional premium at the end of the year because their payroll was higher than expected.

With Time & Payroll’s Pay-As-You-Go, your premium is paid through payroll. This is ideal for businesses that are seasonal or have signification fluctuation in staffing throughout the year. This cash flow management tool allows business owners to align resources and pay for only the coverage they need on a per-pay period basis.

Advantages of Pay-As-You-Go solution:

  • Minimal down payment
  • Payment is automatic—no checks to write
  • Convenient access to insurance experts
  • No surprise at audit time


Calculate your workers’ compensation costs to the penny. Your employee’s labor costs can be allocated to direct functions and workers’ compensation costs properly calculated. Time & Payroll will reduce your premiums by eliminating exempt earnings and making sure your premiums are computed correctly.