Our company benefits from Time & Payroll in so many ways!  It allows us time to concentrate on other things without having to worry about doing the payroll too. We know our payroll is being handled by a very competent and efficient staff.

Chalk & Gibbs, Inc., Morehead City, NC

As a small consulting service provider, I view Time & Payroll as a partner who is reliable, responsive and consistently provides the highest level of service.  The staffs level of professionalism and expertise allows my firm to focus our time in our areas of expertise adding to our bottom line.  Not only do we save time and avoid penalties, but also save money since we do not attempted to perform these non-core services ourselves.  I highly recommend others to allow Time & Payroll to take the hassles out of payroll services and allow your firm to focus on more pressing business.

Dan LoBue, President, Competitive Energy Consulting
Fuquay Varina, NC