We recognize that businesses not only have the need for payroll and tax services, but a seamless timekeeping package as well.  Time & Payroll has a timekeeping system that is so simple, so advanced, it’s effortless! Our system provides employees and managers the ability to request and approve time-off requests, time sheets, schedules, and more. Your employees can request time off and managers can easily approve or deny it in our system. In addition, managers can approve or even edit their team’s time sheets and time clock punches instead of knocking on your door. Keep an eye on your business, not on tracking down, manually calculated time sheets.


We have the hardware that you need to keep track of all your time and labor. We use many technologies that include but are not limited to Ethernet and modem based clocks, mag-striped, proximity and barcode cards to biometric fingerprint readers, and hand scanners. You name it, we have it covered. We can even remotely manage hardware, so you don’t have to be on-site. Whether you are low tech or high tech, we have a time tracking hardware solution that will help you manage your employees more efficiently.

Other Options

We provide powerful scheduling options for employee and shift scheduling and time and attendance tracking. It is designed to manage schedules and give flexible options that allow you to process paperwork in only a fraction of time you used too. The automatic daily lunch schedule is used so you are not paying for time when employees are out to lunch. The holiday and overtime settings are very useful as well.