Time & Payroll partners with topnotch firms to make sure that all your human resources needs are met.

CPA Reporting Solutions

Time & Payroll can automate the process so your CPA will always have the information at their fingertips. We offer multiple solutions that are tailored to the needs of your CPA.

Labor Posters

Law requires most businesses to post labor posters in their break rooms or elsewhere in their office. We can help you acquire these posters so you stay compliant.

Tax Calculator

Time & Payroll’s payroll modeling calculator provides the ability to effortlessly model different paycheck scenarios. With this calculator, you can check federal and state withholding exemptions or adjust deductions to see new “net” amounts – and it allows you to quickly respond to employee requests for different check scenarios and print their sample check summaries for them to consider.

Let Us Get Started!

The components are straightforward and the procedure is simple. Typically, we will need the following: a few authorizations, copies of your employee master reports, copies of your latest payroll reports, an authorized signature, and a voided check. It’s that simple to make your payroll and human resources processes easy, accessible, flexible, and accurate. And you can get back to running your business.