Let Time & Payroll help you navigate the healthcare reform and ensure Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance.

The biggest challenge facing employers today, who are struggling to comply with the ever-evolving ACA legislation, is determining which employees to qualify for coverage and then appropriately tracking the needed information. Time & Payroll tracks and collects this specialty data for you, making compliance much easier for your business.

Time & Payroll Helps Keep You in Compliance with Healthcare Reform/Affordable Care Act with Compliance reporting with your company’s “Eligibility Analysis Report”.

  • Uses your measurement period to pull hours worked during that time
  • Determines eligibility status for healthcare covers.

Compliance reporting of your company’s “Full-Time Equivalent Analysis Report”.

  • Calculates Full Time and Full Time Equivalence Employees to determine company’s status as Applicable Large Employers (ALE).
  • Forecasts employee hours based on current payroll and frequency to determine employee’s Full Time Equivalent status.

Compliance reporting for your company’s “Inactive Employees Analysis Report”

  • Shows all employees that have not been paid in the last 13 weeks.
  • Helps to keep on top of terminations to ensure your measurement period report stays clean and streamlined.

Compliance reporting of your company’s “Rule of Parity”.

  • Shows all employees that have not been paid in the last 13 weeks.
  • Shows employees current status and their termination date.
  • Helps track rehires to ensure your company is compliant.

Time & Payroll will continue monitoring and alerting you of changes during the healthcare reform transition with ongoing communications.