Employee Self Service

With this service, employees have the freedom to access their pay stubs and W-2s online, freeing you from burdensome administrative questions that take up time. It’s easy and secure and is available 24/7 to the employee from any web-enabled device.

Voluntary Benefits

You can easily track employee and dependent benefit information and increase the bottom-line by avoiding costly over payments to benefit providers while reducing time involved reconciling benefit-provider invoices.

Direct Deposit

Our direct deposit service allows your employees a fast and convenient way to access their money. With direct deposit, employees can have an unlimited number of checking and saving accounts to deposit into with any number or combination of financial institutions. You determine the amount to be deposited by fixed amounts or percentages.

Pay Cards

Electronic payroll is rapidly becoming the number one option due to employee lost time while conducting banking on company time. Through the same procedures as traditional direct deposit, you can load an employee’s net pay directly onto his or her personal Visa.

Employer Benefits of Pay Cards

  • Does not require a set-up fee
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly/annual fee
  • Customized promotional materials
  • 24/7 cardholder support
  • No more check-signings or lost/stolen checks
  • Faster account reconciliation
  • Ability to add new employee benefits without changing the payroll process

Employee Benefits of Pay Cards

  • Pay is immediately available (no need to pick up a check or wait to cash a check)
  • Visa card is provided for making purchases worldwide and getting cash at ATMs
  • All employees qualify – it is not a credit card
  • Eliminates check-cashing fees and improves safety as less cash is carried
  • Card can be replaced if lost or stolen without losing any money

Health Insurance

Time & Payroll has insurance partners who can provide clients with a wide variety of group and individual (executive) benefit programs that we implement and help manage for our clients. The benefit to your organization is that while you may be small, you get the benefit of creating the strategies and creating the efficiencies of larger groups.