Submission Methods

Time & Payroll offers payroll solutions that best fits your needs. We can handle all your payroll requests or provide you with quick and easy access to input or import your own payroll data, employee pay data, pay and endless reporting functionality. Your payroll can be processed quickly and easily with our customizable Rapid Report Screen. On this screen, you will be able to key in hours, deductions, bonuses, etc The grid based is formatted for your unique needs and the system retains your specifications.

Paperless Payroll

Time & Payroll cares about the environment, which is why we offer the option to go paperless with your payroll. We can post everything to the cloud, which provides fast and easy viewing and storage of quarterly reports, check stubs, and archived payroll information. In addition, paperless payroll reduces clutter!


Have confidence that your payroll is correct. Time & Payroll allows you to preview your data entry prior to submitting payroll and have access to your payroll reports before processing.

Time & Payroll offers other convenient and secure processing services including pressure-sealed checks, garnishments and liens, agency checks and new hire reporting. Pressure-sealed checks are sorted, signed, sealed, and ready for delivery. They eliminate the worry of confidentiality. Time & Payroll handles all wage garnishments. Just send them in with your payroll and we’ll do the calculations. Agency checks are checks you write for wage garnishment agencies, insurance companies, your 401(k) administrators, etc., after you file all the payroll reports. Whether you pay them by hand or online, they are always another time-consuming, non-production step in completing the payroll process. We can print or ACH these along with the rest of your payroll checks and save you time and effort.

Reporting your newly hired (or rehired) employees is the law. We’ll report all new hires to the appropriate state agency for your business, to satisfy your legal reporting requirements.

General Ledger

The general ledger can be created using your GL codes. Exports in Excel or into a .CSV format can be imported into your accounting software and automatically emailed to your CPA.

Integrated Time Off Accrual

In one report, you can view an unlimited number of polices and eliminate tracking accruals manually on a spreadsheet. After payroll is processed, you can easily track your company’s liabilities.